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Bill of Materials - Advantages

  • You use the names of the components as they exist in your system.
  • You work with Lists of components.
  • You associate only once your names of components with names used by Comet Electronics.
  • You quickly input your next orders.


1. IMPORT data

Click on the link Bill of materials (in the upper right corner).

Using "copy-paste" copy the list of components needed in Import Data form


observing the following format requirements:

  • full name of the component according to your system
  • input every new item with required quantity on new row
  • when copying from ".txt" file , quantities should be separated from component with a tab
  • when copying from ".xls" file, quantities should be placed in the next cell after component


from ".txt" file

7805 78

16f628 smd 110

0805 0R 220

10R 0.25W 320

100nF cap 63V 20


from ".xls" file

Click button "Submit Query"

2. Associating names of components

Associating your names of components with names of Comet Electronics.

IMPORTANT: If you already placed an order for certain company and associated names of components with Comet Electronics names, they will be shown as recognized only in case that you are working on a new order for the same company.

If you are working on order for different company, most probably you use different names of components, and association should be made for every company.

- Click button "Association" after the name of every row .

- Select the name of required component from Comet Electronics List of components. On this step, on the top, there is remainder, which name is under association at the moment .

- When required component is recognized, click on "SELECT".

- All names of components processed under this procedure up to this moment could be seen as associated.

- Consequently all your names should be associated as described above.

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