• Why should I  register ?
  • How can I register?
  • Change of account data
  • Registration problems



  • Searching methods
  • Searching problems


Online Catalogue

  • Information  on products


On-line orders

  • How does it work?
  • How to  order?
  • Bill of Materials
  • Sales documents
  • Payment methods
  • Correction of orders
  • Order status
  • Delivery address
  • Delivery time


Why shoud I register?

Being our customer  you  have the possibility of the following options:

  • purchasing components in our on-line store
  • collecting you order from a store
  • checking price and availability of components
  • receiving your order by courier
  • get more detailed information (datasheet) about components
  • uploading BOM ( Bill of Materials ) and link your product codes to Comet electronics codes. Later you can use your codes to place orders.


How can I  register?

  • Fill the registration form
  • Within a few minutes you will receive an email  with activation link
  • Follow the activation link in the email or copy/paste it in a browser to activate your account
  • Now you can start with your first order


Change of account data

  • You can change delivery address, phone, mail or password
  • You can enter several companies and switch between them
  • You can enter several delivery addresses and change  them with every order


Registration problems

  • The most  common problemsProbably you mistyped your email address
  • Check your SPAM folder.

If you   any have problems with confimong or completing the registration procedure, please write us

Describe your problem as accurate as possible to receive prompt response.


Searching methods

There are several ways  of the search on ouw web page:

  • Group search: by type and subtype
  • Searching by manufacturer or by package
  • Searching only the available stock on handor  SMD components
  • Searching by parameters
  • Searching by part of name or description
  • Searching in Farnell catalogue  /more than 400 000 products/

Searching by type or subtype. After click on the Catalogue tab, you can limit your search by type or subtype. Then you can search by part of name only in this group. Several subtypes allow search by parameters or range of values.

Searching by manufacturer or package. Selection of  a given type or subtype  will result in limiting the search area by manufacturer or package. It is from drop-down menus.

Searching only available stock on hand or SMD components. At any time you can limit the searching result to include only available components on hand. To activate this option, click on the checkbox in the upper right corner. There is another checkbox to limit only SMD elements.

Searching by parameters. After selecting a certain subtype there is a possibility to use parametrical search.

Searching in Farnell catalogue. After choosing the  Farnell tab, there is a wide variety of products with one to three work days delivery time.


Information - on products.

Each product is presented  in our online catalogue  includes its:

  • Components description
  • Datasheets – technical information
  • Prices and discounts
  • Manufacturer
  • Pictures
  • Real time availability stock on hand
  • Product comparison

Comet electronics has a wide range of components in stock and one to three business days delivery ( Farnell ) time.

  • Available products are in the Catalogue tab
  • Farnell products are in the Farnell tab

Both variants can be ordered via online store.


How  does it work?

Our online store is a real time service. It is possible to check the current  stock on hand.  If the  needed component  is available you will receive  it at the given address the next business day.


How to order?

Step by step guide

  • Select the appropriate component and enter the required quantity. Add it to the  shopping cart. Repeat it until your order is complete.
  • Check your list in the shopping cart. You can remove and edit quantities there. You have to select the company to be invoiced.
  • When you click on “Continue” there are two easy steps to complete your order.
  • Step 1 - select or fill the document type, delivery type, delivery address and payment method.
  • Step 2 –  add any additional notes and/or requirements to your order.
  • When you click  on “Send order” your order will be queued for processing.
  • When you click on “Orders History” you will see a list of all your orders, their status and you can copy them to your current order.
  • When you click on “Proforma History” link, you will see a list of all proforma invoices issued to you.

Sales document

Comet electronics issues a sales document  to every transaction made .

This document could be Tax Invoice or Cash receipt. Both of them contain information about single price, quantity and total price.


Payment methods


You can use one of the five different methods listed below:

  • Wire transfer. When you select this method and your order is confirmed at your email you will receive bank and account information.
  • Payment via ePay. is a system for processing bank card payments. After confirmation of your order at Proforma Invoices you will  „ePay – waiting payment –pay now“
  • Credit/debit cards. Payments are made via Comet electronics does not store or process any credit card details.
  • Cash on delivery. Separately you have to pay the courier and insurance tax.
  • In cash at any of our stores.

Change of orders

Confirmed orders could be changed or canceled by email to or by phone -  +359 2 915 58 58. Please indicate your order or proforma invoice number.


Order status

There are three possible statuses.

  • In process – Your request is received, but  all positions are not collected yet.
  • Finished with outstanding positions – some of your positions are out of stock and your order could not be completed fully
  • Finished – All components are packed and proforma invoice is issued to you. You receive an email. Order is ready for  collection / sending  depending on the type of delivery specified.

If order status is not changed within 4 hours during workdays, please contact us by phone or email.


Delivery address

You could create a list of addresses so every order to be delivered to different address.


Delivery times.

Domestic delivery:

All orders created before 14:30 would be sent the same business day.

International delivery:

Depends on the country and delivery service you choose.

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